Android Question GPS Speed limit


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I have searched around the forum to to see if it is possible to get the speed limit for a location. I found 1 reference but it did not include how to get this info. I believe in OSM it is the 'maxspeed' value. Can you access this info in B4a? Small code snippet would be great....thanks.


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You need to find a web service that provides speed limits - a web service you submit a location to and it returns the speed limit as a response.

Does such a web service exist?
I've no idea - Google is your friend.



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Thats a worthwhile project but sadly, underfunded.

Wikispeedia: "We keep our Amazon bill at 1/2 of revenue which currently is $50. What that means is that on the first of the month everyone gets high daily access (20k/day) and then we kill it when we hit $50."

Currently only a handful of speed signs and seemingly not enough widespread contributions to make it usable. I hope they get this off the ground.