Share My Creation GPS - via Bluetooth; decode NMEA strings and convert to LOCAL datum

I have attached a stripped down project I have just finished and wish to share two code modules. The project involves taking information via Bluetooth from a GPS receiver (external .. obviously) and then getting lat/long coords etc

The modules of use to others (I hope) are below

- NMEA which parses NMEA strings to get GPS information
- CoordUTM which converts lat/long to both WGS84 and a 7 component transform local datum (such as Thailand - where I reside .. :) )

The project is sort-of hard coded to a Galaxy TAB screen size so you will have to adjust scaling etc if you want to use existing code on other devices.

Main purpose is to supply the above code modules and not supply a proper working application suitable for any Android device.

Queries welcomed via this forum. :)


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Nice one. :)
But you forgot the GPRMC. It is always present, unlike the GPGGA.



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Attached find a 2nd version of the program with a PARSE added for the RMC NMEA string. The RMC string is also shown on the EQUIPMENT page.

Whilst parsing strings of NMEA is not difficult I feel the CoordUTM module which is very maths oriented is the main contribution of the application.

Trust someone finds this useful.



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