Android Question Graphic error of Labels in a Scrollview when Keyboard goes up [SOLVED]


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Hi. I have a problem that I can not solve. I have placed several Labels in a Scrollview, until then everything is fine, but when I open the keyboard to write a new one, the previous ones present strange errors.

I'm using the IME library to control the size change of the Scrollview as shown in the example, although I do not understand how the Labels can do that?

Screenshot_2018-04-24-15-50-01.png Screenshot_2018-04-24-15-50-27.png

It seems that the text comes out of the Label box and the right and bottom edges were cut.
By the way, when the keyboard goes down, the error persists.
A detail that I have noticed is that it seems that all the Labels take the size of the last Label that was written, which causes the longer texts to come out of the box.