GSM Cell info (Older day "NetMonitor")


Still remember "NetMonitor" in older days Nokia phone?

I believe, in this modern days, this will be helpful as well.

Let's say, when your phone detects the GSM cell information that you are entering your home zone BTS, an application will send a romantic sms to your wife telling her, that you are approaching home and tell her to be ready for.....dinner.

This functions will detect the ID sent by the BTS connected to our phone via GSM network. By utilizing this ID, we can do countless things as we can think of.

Could you provide this?


Hi Dimitris,
Thank you again.

I feel like you and I have the similar hobby.
I'm more oriented in hardware-related application.

I have just purchased a bluetooth to RS232 converter module (very small size only 10mm x 20mm at the price of CNY120 (almost USD18) in China (I am Indonesian who works in China).

My plan is to make an software application in my DOPOD D810 which can be interfaced to other device which is connected to microController (AT89S52 or AT89C4051). I can switch on and off devices (like lamp, refrigerator, TV, etc.) via my DOPOD D810 by means of Bluetooth connection.
(FYI, I have successfully turn on/off my motorcycle alarm and to warm-start it using SMS message or a phone call)

Anyway, we may discuss other alternatives on other threads.
See you there.

Once again, many thanks to your dzRIL.dll