Hardware library was updated - 3.10

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Erel, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  2. eddy_ys

    eddy_ys Member

    Thanks for your swift response.
    I really can feel the "First priority support" upon my purchase of your Basic4ppc Enterprise Version at 89.00$ (US Dollars).

    The next homework is to generate a tone with frequency of xHz where x is between 1Hz and 20000Hz.
    The command may look like:

    Really looking forward to your response.

    Thanks a lot...

    Does everyone enjoy this?
  3. eddy_ys

    eddy_ys Member

    When run, an error message "Hardware does not support this method"
    is raised:

    Sub Timer1_Tick
    Bicara = SubString(Format((Round((Now-StartTime)/cTicksPerSecond)) Mod 60, "d2"),0,2)
    TextBox2.Text = Bicara
    If Bicara = "38" Then
    End If
    If Bicara = "52" Then
    End If
    End Sub
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The Vibrate methods use the native Vibrate methods.
    Unfortunately not all devices implement these methods.
  5. eddy_ys

    eddy_ys Member

    Then, any solution in implementing the native methods in WM6 of my DOPOD D810 alias CHT9100?
  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    We will continue to check it.
  7. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    Attached is a small (unofficial) library (C# source code included) which can activate and deactivate PPC notification leds.

    Usualy notification led 0 is a really led and led 1 (in most cases) is the vibration mechanism.

    Basic4PPC .sbp test file included.

    If it works OK, Erel can add it to hardware library.

    Attached Files:

  8. Steve

    Steve Member Licensed User


    This is great! With these three new hardware methods alone, you've really made B4PPC more appealing to PPC Phone devs like myself. Thanks again for the excellent work.
    - Steve
  9. eddy_ys

    eddy_ys Member

    I finally get my "Vibrator" into usage.
    You are excellent, marvellous, cool, great.....
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.


    You should give a prize to Dimitris for his great work to your "First priority User" like me.

    Thank you Basic4PPC!!!!
    Thank you Erel....
  10. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Dimitris, I truly join eddy_ys with these compliments:
    And I'll include it in the next Hardware update.
  11. blackiice

    blackiice Member

    I have tested on my O2 Xda Exec ,it works ok.thanks a lot.
    but in my device the "led 0 on" is turn the led off and "led 0 on" is turn the led on,I don't know why.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2007
  12. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User


    Actualy notification led on drives to a blinking led. If the led was on before, it will start blinking also. Behaves like this or stays permanently off?
  13. taximania

    taximania Well-Known Member Licensed User

    @DZT: I converted your C# source code to VB.NET and added it to my RawIr.dll :sign0188:

    First thing I found, (even with your dzLEDs.dll), I can use led.ActivateLed(1) to make the Led flash,
    but have to use led.DeActivateLed(0) to stop it flashing. Otherwise I have to do a soft reset to stop it flashing. :confused:

    I've tried everything to alter the rate of the flash but have been totally unsuccessful. I've tried adding subs for all of the below structure settings, but nothing changes the rate. Is it possible, is that why it isn't implemented in dzLEDs.dll
    Friend Structure NLED_SETTINGS_INFO
    Public LedNum As Integer
    Public OffOnBlink As Integer
    Public TotalCycleTime As Integer
    Public OnTime As Integer
    Public OffTime As Integer
    Public MetaCycleOn As Integer
    Public MetaCycleOff As Integer
    End Structure
    The addition of your code to my .dll was purely for my own satisfaction that I could do it. It won't be released.

    The credit is still with you :sign0098:
  14. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    Hi taximania,

    I didn't try to achieve different behaviour at all so I can't help you.

    I've just read many posts saying LEDs does not behave the same in different devices.

    Don't warry, use it for any purpose.

    Happy new Year

    (Avoiding Taximania, to avoid lawyers)
  15. Put Claude

    Put Claude Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Erel,

    Can 't find a download for that updated Hardware library - 3.10
    Am I missing somehow something?

    Put Claude Belgium
  16. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The most updated version was included in V6.0 setup file.
    You could find it under: C:\Program Files\Anywhere Software\Basic4ppc Desktop
  17. cheveguerra

    cheveguerra New Member Licensed User

    Vibration on Omnia i900

    I just tried the lib on an Omnia i900 and i worked great, but the led number to vibrate is 11 not 0.

    Best Regards
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