He hire java developer


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We are seeking to hire a passionate and creative software developer who is passionate about technology, designing cloud based applications. You will be fully immersed in a fast-paced development team with the opportunity to really make an impact. Candidate must be driven and able to self-manage. Would you like to be involved in the hottest and fastest moving industry on the planet? Mobile web, mobile apps and mobile marketing is the fastest moving industry today. Innovation is at its heart.

What we can offer you:
§ Fun and stimulating work – you will never get bored
§ An amazing, informal yet fast paced work environment
§ Super awesome co-workers
§ Space and support for your personal / career growth


Implement innovative approaches to systems architecture for high availability, scalability with a keen interest in performance tuning. · Capacity planning, stress testing and performance tuning. · Utilise best practices and design patterns to solve application issues. · Ownership of fault diagnosis, repair and problem resolution combined with managing beta test plans · Debug, test and code-refactoring, combined with some system administration for production and test environments. · Focus on development from informal but detailed specification · Constant improvement culture (work to become better and more effective) · Balance short term requirements with long-term efficiency · Evaluate and research latest technologies

Typical output

Technical Specifications for larger projects.

§ Well structured code according to company standards.

§ Well documented code.

§ Test driven Code.

§ Deployment Instructions for the operational team to follow.

§ Deploy working and tested applications before handing over to various teams for testing.

Expertise technical/Professional/Personal

1+ years of real industry experience with Java based development projects based on MVC, SOA, SaaS principles.

§ Proficiency in Java programming language

§ Experience of object oriented programming / modular programming.

§ Strong experience in software development technologies including backend frameworks (Spring, Camel, etc),

§ Experience in databases(MySQL, myBatis. Hibernate, JPA, JDBC, SQL Queries, RDS)

§ Experience with Messaging frameworks(JMS, ActiveMQ, Amazon SQS)

§ Experience with Web services (SOAP, REST, RPC, JAX-WS, Jersey, Spring MVC, etc)

§ Experience with caching solutions (Ehcache, memcache-d)

§ Experience with some web frameworks (SpringMVC, Tapestry, Freemarker)

§ Experience with reporting and DW (Mondrian, Pentaho Suite)

§ Experience using Version Control (SVN, CVS, GIT)

§ Experience with Build Tools (IDE, Ant, Maven)

§ Proficient knowledge of HTML 5, XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and other web technologies

§ Front-end development including jQuery

§ Can read code written by others.

§ Experience with debugging code.

§ Work closely with project team members (Architects, Product Management, Functional QA, System Test), and coordinate all aspects of the projects.

§ Some knowledge of the Linux command line

§ Experience of the full software development lifecycle: from requirements gathering and functional specification authoring, to development, testing and delivery

§ Must be a team player, possess a good attitude and be self-disciplined

§ Should be a Self-starter and Problem-solver

§ Exercise independent judgement with minimal direction from supervisor

§ Good levels of communication. Both written and verbal

Send us your CV-s at hookshy@gmail.com
or just contact me in the forum


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WOW! :eek:

By number 7, "Experience with Web services (SOAP, REST, RPC, JAX-WS, Jersey, Spring MVC, etc)",
of the requirements I had to lift my jaw off the floor.

I think I may possess 50% ability of one of the requirements off the list. Do I qualify?


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that list reminds me about a job offer once that was about sys admin (incl. vmware, san and all the hype stuff) with additional programming/scripting skills.

I had in depth knowledge on most things as I set up new environments for small/midsize customers for years
and when I contacted them he started bending himself into different turns because I suddenly had too much knowledge.
I remember a quote like "You do know that we work with small business clients that don't have budgets for vmware, nas, terminal server/citrix etc?".

Weird answer because they requested all that in that list as to-have knowledge/experience :confused:

Or they expected some 22 year old university leaver to have all that experience for minimal wag to respond on it?



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A girl puts a newspaper ad in search of her prince... the ad as follows :

Nice girl searches rich prince with at least 1.90m height, less that 90kg and a 22cm "instrument"

Weeks pass by and no answer. .. but one morning she got mail

Young prince measuring 1.95m and 88kg candidates itself with one condition.... will not cut 5cm off instrument

Punchline. .. no matter how high you set your requirements. .. there will always be someone over qualified answering


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Dear friends ... every time I got hired someplace they had 100 tasks ... and requirements...
They build dateting apps with java and some web services ...


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The best part is that you can work from home using skipe ... I do not know the revenue just send me your cv and I will hand it over
and you will talk with them directly ...


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Are all those qualifications really necessary to develop a dating app?

This kind of social network mostly needs a server(s), a database(s), software running on the server side, a well written client app and of course, the "secret sauce", the algorithm.

Once everything is assembled, the final ingredient should be SUPER HEAVY MARKETING or some different clever trick to populate the social network, since no one wants to hang-out on a ghost town.


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I do know now realy all that details ...I was giving you a hint
You talk as if you did not ever get a job .... most of the time you get hired and use 15-50% of the things asked on job requirements
This was my experience so far ... and people tend to push their specifications for the perfect guy ... all companies want to find the best man with 100 stuff that he knows and master .


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I can absolutely do this. My fee is $250,000.00. Then I will subcontract enough staff to cover the requirements.