Hebrew or arabic


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I am just wondering if there will be useful to add arabic translation to my app HSW voice commad !
I even do not know if there is difference between hebrew and arabic ?
Are native arabic speaker users used to english app ? ....

Can you advise ? ...is there any voice commands in hebrew ?


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I'm not a native Arabic speaker by far, but I've live a couple of years in Arab speaking countries, so I have at least some basic knowledge on the subject.

Short version: Arabic and Hebrew are different langauages. Arabic speakers are, in my experience, pretty good at English, but it varies with location and they have an accent that might make voice recognition problematic.


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Hi there,
Are you developing the dictation engine? because I never seen Arabic reco SDK for Android..
Anyhow, and even though there's so many accents and dialects, but the "Proper Arabic" that's spoken by all countries, newspapers and media outlets
is the same.. speeches and school lectures are all given by Proper Arabic.
Regarding marketing your product, if it's translated into Arabic then it will have the potential to reach 80% more audience!. even when the educated speak
English very well, but they will feel more comfortable to use apps in Arabic, besides the majority doesn't speak English.

good luck

My knowledge on Hebrew is very little.


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if it's translated into Arabic then it will have the potential to reach 80% more audience
Nice to hear that ... I could give it a try ....
I think that only problems I will have will be with writing from right to left and aligning buttons to the right ...
Testing will be incredible hard as I won't be able to distinguish arabic singn ...
A bit crazy to think I could become popular in a country that has nothing to do with latin languages