Help file "CHM" Reader (3rd Party Freeware)


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Don't wast time with PDF Help files, download this .CHM file reader for PPC's

More info here

1. Copy the exe file to a folder on the memory card of your device.
2. Copy all the .CMF files from Basic4PPC desktop install folder "Program Files\Anywhere Software\Basic4ppc Desktop" to the same folder
3. Create a shortcut for the reader file to your device start menu.
4. Run the file CHMReader.exe and there is all the help you need on your device the same as the Desktop version of Basic4PPC

Here is a Basic4PPC CHM help file without popup's but links to the selected
I only test the help file with oMAP CHM Reader.


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I've tried this program before and it doesn't work pproperly for B4PPC help. Go to the Controls section of Main Help and select a control. You will find that you cannot access the controls property and event help as they are coded as popup help which this program does not support.

I have searched extensively for a CHM reader that does support these popups but have not found one yet. I would be really grateful to know if one exists.:sign0163:


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I confirm agraham's finding.
Nevertheless, it works ok with a CHM I put together with HelpMaker, of course without popups. When it comes to links and bold text the format leaves a bit to desire, however, I find this utility valuable for simple help files accompaning your own creations in B4PPC.
Thanks a lot, hmeyer for the tip !


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At the moment there is no CHM Reader for PPC that support POPUP's. On my device I have the Reatail version of microOLAP CHM eBook Reader ver 2.5. One of the best CHM Reader's available for PPC's. The Microsoft WM browsers do not support popup's either. Maybe in a later version of WM or an update to the current pro version "don't know". But still, the freeware version is great for all the Library help files, the main help file is allready built into Basic4PPC. But for now I use the freeware reader on my HTC device and microOLAP on my HP PPC.


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I personnaly recommend the PDF manual and a switcher utility that allows you to work on your code whilst also switching to the desired section of help info.