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Hello community, from b4x, I am practicing a bit with b4j, and I have been developing a small learning program, I would like to be able to uncertain some functions but with c ++ language it had occurred to me to use dll, but I don't know how to call them from b4j, someone can help me.

I know the Java language, but I am not very familiar with it, I think there is a way to use active code in C ++ with JNI.

I am willing to learn more java in order to link the library, but if there is an easier way it would be much better.

I am not an advanced programmer I am just an apredis and I would be interested to know how I can do this!
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Working with C++ dlls is difficult and will require writing a Java library with JNI code.

What are you trying to do?

Previously I have written some dll in c and then I integrate it to python or to the same c.
I would like to learn to integrate dll into b4j to have the performance and speed of c / c ++, I have previously heard of JNI, but it is somewhat complicated and requires knowing Java.

All this is just for my learning, I know java but I am not very familiar with it.
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