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Sasuke Sama

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I recently pushed an update of my app but the app store rejected it saying that it crashes on start and gave me the crash log below.

It runs fine on my iphone 6 with ios 12 so i think its an issue with ios 14?

i suspect the issue could be due to the new admob requirments code as i just added it in this update along side GAD_TrackingAuthorization code

can anyone please check the crash log

thank you


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Sasuke Sama

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It is important to test your app on an iOS 14 device. Maybe there is a new permission description (PList) that you are missing.
Yeah my iphone 7 needs repair and cant find a shop opend here due to C19, Anyway my friend tried it on an ipad running ios 14 and the error is as i expected is related to GAD_TrackingAuthorization as you can see in the screenshoot.
Can i push an update without adding the GAD code ?.

Oh and here is how i add it

#AdditionalLib: AppTrackingTransparency.framework
#PlistExtra: <key>SKAdNetworkItems</key><array><dict><key>SKAdNetworkIdentifier</key><string>cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork</string></dict></array>
#PlistExtra: <key>NSUserTrackingUsageDescription</key>
#PListExtra: <string>This identifier will be used To deliver personalized ads To you.</string>
#PlistExtra: <key>GADIsAdManagerApp</key><true/>

And at the end of the application start sub i add

        Dim no As NativeObject = Me
        no.RunMethod("requestIDFA", Null)
        Wait For GAD_TrackingAuthorization (Status As Int)
        pnlad.AddView(bannerad, 0%x, 0%y, pnlad.Width, pnlad.Height)

And then this

#If OBJC #import <AppTrackingTransparency/AppTrackingTransparency.h> #import <AdSupport/AdSupport.h> - (void)requestIDFA { if (@available(iOS 14, *)) { [ATTrackingManager requestTrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler:^(ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatus status) { [ raiseUIEvent:nil event:@"gad_trackingauthorization:" params:@[@(status)]]; }]; } else { [ raiseUIEvent:nil event:@"gad_trackingauthorization:" params:@[@(3)]]; } } #End If

Am i missing something?


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