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Good Day Everyone,

My client that is using my DSD software, written in good old Basic4ppc, has
purchased some Intermec CN3 with windows mobile 6.1 installed. Every thing
appears to work except for scanner.

The scanner does a return. key hex (0D0) or ascii 13 after a good scanner
read. The program does not recognize the return key sent by the scanner on
the mobile 6.1 unit. The program works fine under mobile 5 on another
intermec CN3. I have checked the scanner on the mobile 6.1 within Mobile
Word and the scanner is doing the return key within that program. The
scanner is inputting the correct data, but the program is not catching the
enter key. You have to press the enter key on the device to get the program
to exit from the textbox.

here is the code:

Sub TextBox58_KeyPress (key) 'product code entered or scanned
If TextBox58.Text = "" Then Return
If Asc(Key) <> 13 Then Return

After this it finds the product code or the upc code.

I have tried to install compact framework 2 on the 6.1, but it will not let

Any thoughts or suggestions.



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Got it to work by changing the Postamble to another non-printable character. Postamble is what character you want the scanner to generate after a good scanner read.

Thanks everyone