Hi to all!


Hello! I'm one of the new guys around :sign0104: and I want to introduce myself to what it looks to me (for what I've been reading) a fine community of developers :sign0188:

I've been a developer for quite a while now (more than 20 yrs) on various platforms and languages (basic, Clipper, C++, Delphi, java) currently I'm devoted to PHP as a hobby (since now my main work its purely administrative :sign0148:) anyway, the developer within me will never die!

So, I've been using PDAs for almost 5 years, started on 2003 with a monochromatic Palm, then on 2004 switched to an HP Jornada 568 and 4 months ago I upgraded to a Cingular 8125 Pocket phone (a.k.a. HTC Wizard).

Since my early Jornada days I've had the curiosity to create small apps to suite my needs, but never tried hard enough to do something about it, give the fact that most of the time I could find some freeware that could do the job fairly well.

Now that I have an administrative position at work, I really miss the development part, and having a little free time I guess its time to embark on the PocketPC development ship.

Yesterday I started looking for development tools for the PPC, and stumbled on Basic4ppc, which needless to say, It´s just what I was looking for, a straightforward way to start quickly and without hassles. And by reading the forums it was easy to tell that the members are, without a doubt, the right people to hang around with.

So, here I am, ready to sail, and to ask questions and contribute with whatever I could help with. ;)


Cingular 8125 (aka HTC Wizard)
Jornada 586 (retired but still works)


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It sounds like your going to fit in perfectly my friend.
Welcome to our small community, glad you found us.

B4PPC is great and Erel (the developer) is absolutely fantastic with his speed of response and constant ability to add new features to B4PPC in the form of libraries.

I hope you'll be sharing some of your code with us all in the near future.



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Bem-Vindo Zemog!!

That is to say WELCOME Zemog!!

From Your introduction I think that maybe the hole community will gain with your experience in developing in other languages, if anything else at least in the "logical" way of doing things...

A big salut from PORTUGAL, the country right next to SPAIN