Android Question Hidden buttons still working when another panel is showed

Luciano Boscolo

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I have 3 panels. On each one there are many buttons.
At start panel1 is visible and the other two are set to not visible.
When I press a button on panel1, panel2 is shown (visible=true) and panel1.visible set to false.
Even if I set panel1.enabled = False the buttons in the panel1 are still working even if are not visible.
If I show the panel3 and hide the other two all the buttons in panel1 and panel2 are still working...

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for your help


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The panel on top must consume the clicks and not let them go to the level below.
Initialize the panel with a name and set a sub [name]_click or [name]_touch which will do nothing.
Another option - instead of using visibility of the panel, move them out of the screen area, like [name].left = 2500dip , and [name].left = 0 when you want it to be in the screen.