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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Devv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Devv

    Devv Active Member Licensed User

    i am trying to hide app icon from launcher

    i tried the following code without any success

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    End Sub

    Sub PMsetComponentEnabledSetting (enable As Boolean)

    Dim r As Reflector
    Dim cn As Object = r.CreateObject2("android.content.ComponentName",  _
    Array As Object("cb56.testtwoicons""cb56.testtwoicons.activity2"), Array As String("java.lang.String""java.lang.String"))
       r.Target = r.GetContext
       r.Target = r.RunMethod(
    Dim e As Int

    If enable = True Then
          e = 
          e = 
    End If
       r.Target = r.RunMethod4(
    "setComponentEnabledSetting"Array As Object(cn, e, 0), _
    Array As String("android.content.ComponentName"""""))

    End Sub
  2. walterf25

    walterf25 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    If all you want to do is prevent the app icon to appear in the app drawer, then you can use this
    AddReplacement(android.intent.action.MAIN, unused_action)
    However the app will still appear in the applications manager list.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Devv

    Devv Active Member Licensed User

    this is mainfest code ?
  4. walterf25

    walterf25 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, sorry forgot to mention that!
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