iOS Question Hiding The iOS Numeric Keyboard


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I have an application that has a full screen iTableView containing a variety of custom views. These views include various Textfields intended to receive text or numeric-only input. The views have the Keyboard type set in the designer to either DEFAULT or NUMBER_PAD dependant on data type needed.

The problem I have is hiding the NUMBER_PAD keyboard on phone devices after user input. iPad devices are easy, every tablet keyboard has a key that allows the user to drop the keyboard out of sight after use. On iPhone devices the DEFAULT keyboard has a [Return] key that performs the same function. However, the NUMBER_PAD keyboard only has 0-9 and [Backspace]..... there is no enter/return key.

I have played around with the other designer properties for the view but the NUMERIC_PAD keyboard format remains the same.

This must be a really simple answer... How is NUMBER_PAD keyboard intended to be used?