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Discussion in 'Game Development' started by melonZgz, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Hello gamedevs!
    This is a project I wanted to make since I started to make games, but it's a complex one and I was afraid of it (advanced physics, shaders, customization of the vehicles...) I think at this point I can do a good job.
    So here's a video of what I have at the moment:

    I've tweaked the physics a lot until I find it plays well (suspensions, grip, speed, also head and body movement...) All car related characteristics will be upgradeable in the game, as the default car will have almost no grip and speed. So you'll need soon or late to upgrade the car to be able to complete some levels. Of course there will be more vehicles that you will able to buy at a shop (maybe also motorcycles)
    The terrain is a mesh, in Tiled I draw a polyline and having all the vertices I make all the quads to be able to render it through a very simple shader
    This is how it looks in tiled
    This way it's very easy and fast to make levels.
    Also I've made a new parallax effect, more efficient than the one I was using, horizontal and vertical as you can notice. BTW the background is not the definitive one, I'll upgrade it at some point of the development.

    Public beta version released!
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  2. An Schi

    An Schi Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Either the driver or the car seem to be a little drunk :D
    I like it ;)
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  3. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yep, it's bouncy!
    I don't want the game to be easy, so the default car will bounce a lot, to complicate things :D
  4. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Please, add a roll bar to the car: I can't think of the poor guy's vertebrae!
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  5. andymc

    andymc Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Any update on this? I love these sort of games, and they can do really well on the app store, like fly dragon fly, and risky roads.
  6. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yeah, I have something to show...

    I have added a lot of things:
    Now I can move the car in the air (just like in hill climb racing)
    New static and dynamic objects (boxes, that wood/stone combination...)
    Started to make some GUI
    Fuel management
    Coin points animation
    Special moves (air time multiplier, flips and backflips, next will be the wheelie)
    New graphics (new background and pedals)
    Particles when skidding (this needs more work, as I'm not happy at all with the result)

    Of course there is A LOT to do. I'd like to make a stable prototype before starting to add all the vehicle configuration stuff. This game will take long, but I'll try to make my best game here
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  7. andymc

    andymc Well-Known Member Licensed User

    That looks really good! Please release it early then add more levels later. It works for angry birds, just release the game as soon as there's a playable game then tweak it over time.
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  8. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yeah, I'm thinking about it. Google play is crazy, sometimes you develop a great game and have absolutely no downloads. After my 2 last failures (the UFO game and the platformer) I'm thinking about that estrategy: Launch a game as is, and if it becomes popular then upgrade it.
    Hill climb Racing was launched with 3 levels and one vehicle, if I remember well, and when it became popular the developer started to add more vehicles and levels.
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  9. eps

    eps Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Excellent!! :)

    It's got really good potential.
  10. wonder

    wonder Expert Licensed User

    It looks (and hopefully feels) fantastic!!! Great job!! :)
  11. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Hello there guys.
    At this point I'd need an advice, as I really din't know how to procceed.
    I don't know how to focus the game. I wanted to make a level based game, like I did with all my games before. I mean, first world, and then a limited number of levels (made with tiled), then second world and so.
    But, taking a look at the original (Hill climb racing and some clones), I see that each "world" or stage is an only and endless level. I like this approach because everytime you play you try to make a better result, you want to go further, and upgrade your car...
    So I'd have to investigate on how to create levels proceduraly to achieve this kind of levels
    What would you do? and what kind of game do you prefer?
  12. wonder

    wonder Expert Licensed User

    Use Google stock market data.


    Bam!! An infinite level being updated in real-time! ;)

    Name of the game: "Stock Rider"
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  13. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Not a bad idea :D:D
    BTW, I'm starting to use simplex noise from @Informatix (here it is), and I'm allready able to generate random terrain!


    The idea I have now is generate little pieces of terrain on the fly. Let's say 50m or 100m each, and varying parameters (scale, octaves and persistence ) I just go making them everytime harder. I just alternate the perlin noise generated ones with some prefabs, with objects like bridges, boxes and a lot of little things I've allready made. So everytime I have only 2 active terrains, and each time I add a new one I delete the first one. This way I have an infinte terrain, everytime harder, with fuel cans and coins randomly placed, but everytime further away from each other
    I like this approach, one thing I really hate is making hundreds of levels for a game, as at some point I just run out of creativity and I'm not in the mood of making new levels...
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  14. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Ok, I have something to show. So say hello to "random" procedural levels (infinite levels):

    I'm using allways the same seed, so each level will allways be the same level.
    What I've done is alternate automatic perlin noise terrains with some prefabs I've made (the windmill, boxes, bridges, and a lot I've made). The difficulty is increasing as you go further, so the terrain will be everytime harder and the prefabs will be also harder. Same with fuel cans, everytime further from each other, but the coins will be better as you progress.
    So if I want to make a new level, I just have to change the seed, maybe some parameters and that's all!
    I've also started to make some GUI and also working on music and sound effects.
    A very important thing of this game will be the vehicle customization, it will be time consuming to handle everything, but will be worth the effort, as this is very important to keep the user playing again and again to get more coins and customize the car. Not only physical things, like deposit, grip, engine... but also colors, driver (male or female, maybe even the hair color), tires...
  15. wonder

    wonder Expert Licensed User

    It looks fantastic and I believe it should have a great feel as well! Congratulations!!
    My wife's gonna love it once it's out!! She's addicted to this kind of games!! :)
  16. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    looks really awesome and professional @melonZgz. i like it a lot!

    you are married? i thought you are single. do you also have kids?
  17. wonder

    wonder Expert Licensed User

    You'll have to start a new thread for that question... :D :D:D
    Yes, but no kids yet... :)
  18. Sandman

    Sandman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    This might be a bit weird, but I must say I really like the rubbery feeling to the driver. To the point I'd like to replace him entirely. I just can't stop imagining having an octopus in the driving seat, with head and arms flopping about madly as one drives. (Perhaps also put some more animals in there? I imagine a giraffe would make for some very challenging gameplay for several reasons :) )

    Here's a bit of inspiration from another floppy octopus in games: Octodad.

    Edit: The quote I pulled from @melonZgz was exceptionally poorly chosen, sorry about that. Leaving it as it is for humor reasons.
  19. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

  20. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Sorry, but I stopped the development :(
    I'm thinking about making first another simple game I have in the queue...

    You know that it was only one guy who developed that game? And yes, I think he became very rich after that...
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