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Hi everybody!
I want to share this simple example of an HorizontalScrollView that works like ViewPager. Main difference between this and ViewPager is that HorizzontalScrollview has an only inner panel: this means that you can put inside it views that are larger then page width.

Code is simple
Private Sub hsvPages_Touch(ViewTag As Object, Action As Int, X As Float, y As Float, MotionEvent As Object) As Boolean
    Dim val As Double = 0
    Select Action
        Case 0    ' ACTION_DOWN
            t1 = DateTime.Now
            x0 = x
        Case 1    ' ACTION_UP
            Dim dt As Long = DateTime.Now-t1
            If dt < 200 And Abs(x-x0) > 24dip And Abs(X-x0)<pnlScv.Width/2-1 Then
                If (x - x0) < 0 Then val = 1 Else val = -1
            End If
            pnlScv.ScrollPosition = (Round2((pnlScv.ScrollPosition)/pnlScv.Width,0)+val)*pnlScv.Width
            Return True
        End Select
    Return False
End Sub

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An example made with this scrollview. Code is attached.


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