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Hello Everyone :)

*Starting off by thanking the one and only @Erel for making this possible for every single one of us ♥

Today we would like to announce the most complete hospital management system.

Overview :
Hospital Management System is a system that can help to maintain any hospital activities properly and easily. Moreover, the hospital management system can be used as clinical software. Also, it helps to keep records and monitor the activities of any hospital. So, this is a complete HMS software and the cheapest and easiest solution for managing any hospital activities.

The project contains :
1- Departments Information
2- Doctors Information
3- Patients Information
4- Schedule Information
5- Appointments Information
6- Prescription Information
7- Accounts Management
8- Insurance Information
9- Billings
10- Human Resources
11- Bed Management
12- Hospital Activities
13- Settings
14- In-system Mail
15- And many many other features.



Project Technology :
1- B4J Web application

*Because the project is built using B4J web Application so it's multi platform, meaning the UI was designed to be functional from a PC, Laptop or a mobile phone

Project Release Date : 01-12-2021 (dd-MM-yyyy) 11:00 PM GMT 3+
Project Price : 40$

The project has been released :

Purchase link :

As always, Thank you,
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*We will remove the demo within 24 hours so we don't keep this thread filled with "demo is not working" posts.

It is a very curious way to solve a problem
Any news on the B4XDatabase project?
(I hope you will excuse if I write here, but the original post has been closed and therefore I cannot write in the correct place)
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It is a very curious way to solve a problem
1-If anyone would like a demo then he/she can send us an email requesting a demo and we will send him/her a private demo link, because we don't want to stress our severs just to upload a demo.
Also this thread is filled with "demo is not working", so if you would like a demo simply send us an email.

2-Not yet.