iOS Question Hosted build server to iphone app upload/debug issue


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I have built and installed the b4i-bridge and it is working fine with the designer connecting and displaying the pages.
When I try to compile in debug mode I get this result:

Parsing code. 0.15
Compiling code. 0.69
Compiling layouts code. 0.38
Compiling debugger engine code. 5.39
Building Xcode project 0.28
Sending data to remote compiler. 5.90
Compilation completed successfully.
Make sure that B4i-Bridge is started (

And then nothing more happens until after some minutes the status page dies and the b4i program goes from running in debug mode to normal mode. No logs are created by b4i, and nothing shows up in the iphone

Could you explain the process step by step regarding what connects to what on what port.
Detailing the connections done by; pc running b4i, hosted build server and iphone.
Would the remote build server try to connect directly onto the iphone instead of the iphone pulling the compiled program from the build server? Or the pc running b4i pulling it from the build server and pushing it onto the iphone?
In case I would need the public ip of the remote build server. However, I suspect there is more than 1 of them, selected randomely?

Is there another manual way of getting the compiled program onto the iphone?


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Found the connectivity answer; pc connects to remote compiler, then connects to the iphone which then connects to remote compiler.
All on port 51042. I assume it is impossible to restart a debug app from the iphone if it crashes, since it will try to connect to the debugger on the pc again, and b4i on the pc is not in debug mode?
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