Share My Creation House Rental WebApp using BVAD3 [Source Code for Sale @ $8]



BVAD3 Connection Tester

Update: Please keep watch of the BVAD3 library as this gets updated from time to time.

Here is source code for a House Rental App for a small donation of $8. Below are the features of the app

1. Create user profiles
2. Sign Up/ Sign In functionality
3. Make Reservations
4. View Reservations on a Calendar
5. Print Reservations to PDF report.
6. Backend is SQLite using PHP.


The paypal email address is

Running it

Please email me at for more details. You can use the Donate button below for purchase or the PayPal email above.

When you receive your source code.

1. Ensure you have the latest version of BANano
2. Extract and run BANanoVuetifyAD3 and run it in release mode. DO NOT COMPILE TO JAR. This will create a b4xlib on your external libraries folder
3. On your webserver, ensure that the sqlite3 extension is activated.
4. Extract and run "TheHotel" b4j app. Please note this is setup to write the webapp to "C:\laragon\www", you can change that on the Main Module.
5. You can use admin for both username and password to login.

You can get Laragon here.

All the best. & Thank you for your support.



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after trying it i must say it is really professional. i really like what you have done. congrats! i recommend everyone to get it!

i have never worked with b4ananno before. so what i see is you are creating the webpage and all script files and it can run by itself. my web apps work differently. more like nodejs where the server is running and you communicate with it and create the content in real-time. i need more days to investigate how everything works but looks awesome!

good job @Mashiane