Android Question How can I tell if a layout is loaded?


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I've got a label that I initialize in my main layout screen, however since adding a splash screen, I get a 'label should be initialised first' error when I try set it to something on Activty_Resume.

This is obviously happening when the splash screen is up and the main screen doesn't exist yet. So how can I check that the layout to what that label belongs, is in fact loaded up before I set the label text?

I know I'm going to kick myself when I hear the answer!



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Well Label1 is a label in "MainLayout.bal", I clicked 'generate members' and Dim Label1 As Label got added to my main activity.

In my main activity, in Activity_Resume, I have:
Label1.Text = "blah di blah"

And thats where I get the error.

When the main activity starts, the first layout that gets loaded is "Splash.bal", which is the splash screen which is then removed by a timer after 3 seconds, and "MainLayout.bal" then gets loaded up.

I think sometimes in Activity_resume, I'm trying to set Label1.text when "MainLayout.bal" is not the active screen layout. - Is this most likely the problem or should that not matter?


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If MainLayout.bal has not been loaded then Label1 will not be initialized so you will get an error.


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The easiest way to check would be to test Label1 to see if it's initialized: If Label1.IsInitialized. If it is then the layout is loaded.

You could use it in your Resume sub: If Label1.IsInitialized then Label1.Text = "Whatever" just in case it resumes with a different layout.


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If Label1.IsInitialized=True Then
Msgbox("Label not loaded!!","Error")
End If
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James Chamblin

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I'm thinking it may be better to load your main layout first, then create a panel to cover the entire activity and load your splash screen there. You can then remove the splash screen panel after 3 seconds.