How do I lose Focus?

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I am writing an app which uses multiple panels. They are made visible as required. Panel one is an art menu which calls panel 2 (hiding 1 and making 2 visible). On panel 2 there are 6 edittext boxes to enter dates using the date dialog and a spinner. Selecting an item from the spinner recalls dates if there are any saved.

My problem is, if i click on an edittext and then cancel, everything is fine. If I then click the back button to go to panel 1 and then back to panel 2, the last edittext still has the focus and my datedialog pops up before I have selected from the spinner.

How can I set the focus to the spinner on making the panel visible or is this not possible.:BangHead:

Thanks for any help


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The first part is the name of the edittext box and the second part changes focus to that. I'm not a expert but just guessing.
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