How do I make a textbox go from one to the other


I have a program which asks for:

Scan the barcode:
Scan the location:

When both are scanned I want my program to save go further.

How can I make B4ppc go from barcode (textbox1) to location (textbox2)?

My scanner will scan the barcode and will give an ENTER after scanning. I would like B4ppc to go to textbox2 after the Enter. Scanner will scan the location (textbox2) and will give an ENTER here when my program will save a file.
I have the program now and when I don't use the scanner for input I can of course go to textbox1 and then point (or TAB) to texbox2. Because of use with a scanner it has to be automatically.

Thanks if you can help!



I have found out I can make:
Sub QTnaarlok_KeyPress (key)
If Key=Chr(13) Then
End If
End Sub

I have only one (new) question now. When I have written the information into the table my programm goes back to textbox1. The information that I typed in before is still displayed. How can I erase this?