How i can run my programs on smartphone?


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Is it really, to make bluetooth-chat, and use it on pocket pc and smartphone (like qtec 8310)? or make some game, which can run on smartphone with Microsoft Windows Mobile?
sorry my bad english, and thanks


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If I may be so bold to present a possible work around to the smartphone problem...

The thing is that, since smartphones don't have touchscreens, they don't get the clik event...I havent tryed and i figure it would take a LOT of work but i guess it would be possible to use the form's keypress parameter as a substitute for the click event....Just a thought .....Have fun...


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smartphone - programs icon not showing in running apps

im trying a smartphone app for my Treo 500 which is generaly working ok. However, when i switch away from the running app to look at the home screen of the phone there is no icon shown in the icon row so the only way i can go back to the app is through the taskmanager>activate or click on the exe again to cause the active version to return to the fore.

I cant see what ive missed to get the program icon in the list - i have given it a normal 32x32 icon.