How many brains does Erel have?


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The IL-Series Cylons have multiple brains and are set on conquering mankind.

I count at least 6 brains for Erel:

  • One to manage B4A
  • One to manage B4J
  • One to manage Basic4pcc
  • One as administrator of this forum and reply to multiple posts at any given time
  • One to maintain the Anywhere Software website and reply to the infinite number of email inquiries he must receive
  • And now one to manage B4i?

What gives?

I think Erel is attempting to conquer mankind and the known universe as we know it...

Idunno. I see a problem here.

Should we be concerned? :eek:

Peter Simpson

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I will personally start to feel concerned once @Erel teams up with Stewie Griffin for world domination :)



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Erel has no brain!

(Who knows what strange organ of his non-human body he use to think.
Yes, we know that many men use a different head, but I do not mean this)


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I did a search for "multiple brains" on Google and this showed up -


From Return of the Living Dead.


OK Erel, now I am really scared....

Johan Schoeman

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I am amazed with what Erel manages to turn out on a daily basis and then in between all of that still finds time to address posts in the B4X forum. Wonder if he has any idea how much fun he is providing for many many B4X subscribers? Just for interest sake - anyone has an idea of how many subscribed followers he has? Must be thousands all around the world.