Android Question How much should they pay me for my app?

Juan Luis Lopez

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Hi everyone!
I just made my first app and wonder how much should I earn with that.
The thing is that i made an app for the place im working, it is a "low cost tavern" and we sell little sanwiches, breakfasts, coffee, beer, etc...

this app has a main activity with a simple menu [Promotions][Sandwiches][Location][Promotional Codes]
This is an informational activity with things like, "sanwich and a beer 2 €", "open dinner for 7 or 10€" ,coffee+cake 1,80€...

Its just a list of the sandwiches, hotdogs etc...

We have 2 bars in my town so it has 2 buttons to open google maps on each location

[promotional codes]
when the waiter charges the client he gives him a ticket and it has a code number that if is introduced in the app, you can win free drinks and thing like that (still not developed, i need them to accept the app, i made it to learn basically and help the business, but im not finihing it if they dont want it :-( ).

then in the main activity you have 2 buttons (opens faccebook profile of the company, and twitter) another one with the "share app" thing and another that copies the wifi key of the bars to the clipboard and opens the wifi manager to paste it then and connect.


i uploaded it to google play store to show them with a qr scan how to download, show them how it looks in my phone, tablet 7" and 10.1" and how it works.

here is the link (i think you can only download it in spain)

I used some wizards to tell me haw much it costs but i think its too much (8000$, 2200€)

how much should I sell it (if they like it)?



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Hi Juan,

The price would be different if your boss asked you for that app or if you decided yourself to create it.

Because of human nature, if he asked you to create the app you should have discussed the price before to even think to the first line of code. And if you have decided alone to creat the app and now want to sell it, I wish you good luck : because of no need your boss won't even think of a value for the product... Eventually he will give you a bonus.
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It's very much a matter of going by your feelings. How much is the app worth to the establishment? How tight is the boss with money? Is it important for you to make lots of money, or is just fun to get some recognition? Do you think you can sell it to other establishments? How much time did you put into it? Do you intent to support it in the future or is it a "fire and forget"-sale?
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Peter Simpson

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The fact that you created the app off your own back because you want to learn how to develop an Android app using B4A, say to me that you should put it on the Play Store for free and maybe add AdMob to the app to make yourself some money.

It was a learning experience for you that apparently had nothing to do with your boss. Imagine a windows cleaner walking up to your house and washing your windows, then he knocks on your door asking for payment, I'm sure that you would tell him to take a hike. If your boss hinted at an app then maybe you should have discussed payment before hand on completion of the app. I would put this down to a learning experience and hopefully your boss will sort you out some kind of payment from the bottom of his heart :)

Either way you should finish the app for your own sanity, you have already started it and there's no better feeling than a finished app with users using it...
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