How to add Components on Device?


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I've been developing an application on Desktop, and then compile it to a Device .exe file. Running it on the device, it doesn't works. Says it has some missing components.

So, I install basic4ppc V6.01 on my device (HTC P3600), and tried to load the source, the same one that works on Desktop. But the error keeps launching.

I copy and paste the working desktop code to a new one source in the Device, but when I try to add components (serial.dll and bitwise.dll) to create the required objects, I don't see any .dll's to add. (?)

I installed .Net CF 1.0 SP3, and .Net CF 2.0 SP2, and now the About option in the Device says I have .Net version 2.0.7045.

I wrote a Hello World application, and try to add components. All I got is some Dll's like the following:

and so on, but none of the Serial.dll, hardware.dll, etc, libraries I find in the Desktop.

What am I doing wrong? How do I do to be able to write and test applications from my device, or at least, put on work the ones I develop in the Desktop?

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Hi Agraham,

I forgot that the Explorer, and also the basic4ppc in the device only sees one level of the directory tree. My fault. :sign0137:

So, just have move all, the source and the libraries to a directory created in the root, and it's working, running it from device, and running the compiled version.

But... what do I have installed, this GAC_... things?

Thank you for your answer, Agraham.



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But... what do I have installed, this GAC_... things?
GAC is the "Global Assembly Cache" where all the .NET Common Language Runtime components are installed and from the two titles you give they are definitely part of .NET. I am a bit surprised they appear in "Add Components", they are hidden on my device. Just ignore them.