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I am an entrepreneur and want to develop ERP application to sale in the market but i am not having technical skills on programming.

I need your help on guiding me the best way of building a low budget infrastructure to create a very intuitive application development environment.

I came to know through one of my friend and a member of this community that adopting B4X or B4J will help me in achieving my objectives.

Thanks to every body in the community for creating and participating with providing such an useful platform to support people around the world.

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Nice to see entrepeneurs giving love to the b4x products.

Well so.... ERPs are database centric, you should choose the one that fits you best. Do not go for SQLite, is nice for small programs but an ERP going for 20 + users will require a full fledged db, for example: MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server (my personal favorite), Postgres SQL being this last one used for many big companies.

Then. With b4j you have 2 options: ui and non ui. Non ui is for webpages and ui is for desktop apps. The later is faster to code but you will have to create apps for Android and ios, if you use webapps i will be much slower to develop but you code once and run everywhere.

Look at Erel videos on how to code, they are very good for beginners
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Hi @Enrique Gonzalez R !
I really appreciate your useful reply and this information is very helpful to me.
Furthermore, kindly advise some tools to manage the task(s) / team of developer(s) / contributor(s) etc (to manage the process flow of development).
I would love to start learning from Erel videos and no doubt you people are doing great job.
Thank you very much for your support.
Best regards,
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