How to check whether .Net CF 2.0 is installed correctly


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.Net 2.0 installing instructions

Attached is a small application to check if it is installed correctly (on the device or the desktop).
Unzip the files and try to run the source code.
You should see a message with the exact installed version.
If you get an "Invalid file" error then it is not installed correctly.


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Sorry, but I don't understand how to use it. In zip file is only DLL and no source code. ???


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Hi Erel

I've just downgraded ( yeah! ) my device to WM5 and was trying to use the tool You provided...when loading the source code I get an error on the dll...Does this means that net2.0 is NOT installed, or should it run anyway?
In the desktop worked fine..

EDIT: My mistake Sorry, Working now..
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