B4J Tutorial How to "Collapse All" with a single key

How to "Collapse All" with a single key

While developing pages for ABMaterial, I frequently use Edit->Outlining->Collapse All to condense the source and navigate between sections.


Collapse All
Today there is no hot-key in the IDE to "Collapse All". Instead you can press [CTRL] [SHIFT] [O] a couple times to "Toggle All" and get the same result. But that's still a bit of keyboard yoga.

Here's how can you map "Collapse All" to a single key with a clever project from Instructables.

Instructables - Making a Powerful Programmable Keypad

I have the Targus keyboard shown in the article. It's magic with HID Macros. I not only use it for collapsing code but other tricks as well.


HID Macros
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