Android Question how to disable input from Bluetooth device?


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I have to send instructions to a microcontroller over BT.
I use AsyncStreamText and sending the instructions to the micro works fine.
However, the micro does answer.
I do NOT need the answer ...

So, I initialize the inputstream with Null, hoping that would prevent getting stuff back.
like this :
ast.Initialize( Me, "Ast" , Null , btconn.serial1.OutputStream)
when the activity containing this ends, I get error message :
java.lang.Exception: Sub ast_Newdata was not found.

It looks like, despite the Null init, the data is still somewhere in a buffer or so.
Anybody has an idea how to prevent this ?

PS. I also did try to comment out the "CallSubDelayed" lines in asyncstreamstext class, but, no difference ...

Thanks, Paul.


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Your app is looking for the response but you are depriving it from that ;)
Check the ast_Newdata code.. this is where you should look into.


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Thanks Beja ! Indeed, it is in that code where I did use Null as inputstream, but that makes no difference...


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Erel, can you please help ? Do you know a way to prevent incomming stream chunks still to be sent to the event , after the activity which initialised the asyncstreamstext has been closed ? Or another way than "null" to avoid getting incomming data from the Bluetooth?
Or how to "flush" inputstream before closing the activity ?
It would be of great help, thank you !