Android Question how to disconnect a specific wifi network?


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do not speak English, have little programming experience and ask for help

I'm doing a custom wifi network manager

I took example of how to connect on a wifi network and could

to disconnect I'm having problems

I am using the following example

Dim mywifi As VBConnect

Dim Wifi1 As WiFiConnect

Sub WiFiAdd_Click

Wifi1.connectToSSID(Wifi1.WIFI_WPA, “SSID1”, “123456789”)

End Sub

Sub WiFidisconnect_Click

mywifi.RemoveAllSavedNetworks ‘remove all saved networks End Sub

the doubt is, how to disconnect only one specific network, example: "Wifi1. disconnectToSSID ("SSID1") just unplugging "SSID1" network

clean out a Saved on my list of wi-fi network

Hold and thank you in advance

Eynysman Felix Pacheco

Cabo Frio – Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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