Android Question How to "Force Stop" another app

Gary Miyakawa

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I've read/searched and found the os.library which is very helpful and also ready that "KillProcess" won't work in most cases (including mine, I tested it).

BUT, there is a program called "Advanced Task Killer" that "will" FORCE STOP an active process... He has figured out how to do it. Is there some way in B4A to do this same thing ?

There is a program that I use on my tablet (I did not write it) that continues to run in the background just in case it is needed. It captures the audio device on the tablet and doesn't allow "other" apps to use that audio device. Since it's not my program, I can't change it but thought I could write something that would kill/Force Stop it to allow the switching to another program easier.

Open to thoughts and ideas on this one.


Gary Miyakawa