Android Question How to get SKU full details of a purchase item.

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    Hi All,

    Is there a way to get or retrieve the SKU full details (price, transaction id, currency type.). I have put an example below

    Got sku details: SkuDetails:{"title":"Dummy(Dummy)","price":"Rs. 50.00","type":"inapp","description":"Beta","price_amount_micros":50000000,"price_currency_code":"INR","productId":"Dummy_beta"}

    Purchase data: {"orderId":"12999763169054705758.1318169856491389","packageName":"dummy.v1","productId":"dummy_beta_test","purchaseTime":1434007732819,"purchaseState":0,"developerPayload":"c161f3ab9774d50","purchaseToken":"pcinlkdjbagjfbglelbkcjfc.AO-J1Oxd0pYfB5rxfJ-nckrumeAanG21pAvDcnHnhNAOYVqe4jXslPyMXloIToYFs7TklrnuT4RXxd9H3JsPjYnH1AwF2w_oeFALaYoOhFmfiJOuO7lrurv_YAET45WM5HsAC_JUsogP"}
    Thank you for your kind attention.

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    You can use JavaObject to get the original json response and then parse it with the Json library:
    Dim jo As JavaObject = PurchaseItem
    Dim raw As String = jo.RunMethod("getOriginalJson"null)
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