Android Question How to print an array's column in a listview?

Marcelo Herrera

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I am trying to print the items of a column of a two dimensional array into a listview. Any ideas on how to do that? I was trying something like this but it doesn't recognize the items I want.

Dim myarray(row,column) As String
myarray(0,0) = "10/100 mbps"
myarray(1,0) = "1 Gbps"
myarray(2,0) = "10 Gbps"
myarray(3,0) = "40 Gbps"
myarray(4,0) = "100 Gbps"
myarray(5,0) = "1/2/4/8 Gbps"
myarray(6,0) = "1/2/4 Gbps"
myarray(7,0) = "OC-3"
myarray(8,0) = "OC-12"
myarray(9,0) = "OC-48"
myarray(10,0) ="OC-192"