Android Question How to put app into Google Play with this situation?


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I am making an application for those totaly blind users, who want to be mutch more independent when they are travelling somewhere. Main idea of this application is simple enough, but it can be really useful to them. It just allows to create a route, whitch is a simple text file. Within that route user can create points. They are just latitude and longitude coordinates received from GPS. App just detects user movement direction, sutch as bearing, counts the distance between current location and tells it to the user. That way user could be able to know where to move, because direction and distance is mostley the main necessities to know. Data would be shown ordered by nearest point acording to the distance and movement. But there is a one huge problem for this. I hope to put this application into Google Play, but in that case, I should make some icons, screenshots, and I am totaly blind as well, so I can't do that alone. May be someone could tell me if there is possible to put my app into Google Play without making those images?
Any help would be a greatly appreciated.


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Hello Arbuz,
No you won't be allowed to publish an app without icons and screenshots in your app's description page.
But, as you are blind, if you need me to make some graphics (screenshots of the app, icon), feel free to PM me. I'll be glad to find some time on my private time to help.
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