Android Question how to read xml like this

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<resource name="root">
<resource name="LoseWeight">

<!-- part1 start -->
<resource name="护肤误区" tagname="0">
<resource name="你知道哪些护肤方法是错误的么?" file="Untitled-28.html"
tagname="1" />
<resource name="小习惯害死人 修正6大护肤错误观点" file="086.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="学学洗脸吧 学问可大着呢" file="087.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="血液循环好 自然迎来润泽好肌肤" file="088.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="要缩小毛孔应该注意的事项" file="090.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="一周美肤计划表 积攒美丽" file="091.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="拥有十八岁肌肤的美肤方法" file="092.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="远离过敏性肌肤的保养误区" file="093.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="躲开美容的禁区 轻松减龄" file="030.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="费钱又无效 精华素6误区" file="033.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="最容易出的三种护肤错误" file="098.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="禁忌护肤品 不可随意混搭" file="048.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="控油错误 让你皮肤伤不起" file="053.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="警惕卸妆误区肌肤越来越差" file="049.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="揭科学护肤拒做“冤大头”" file="044.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="错误眼霜用法让你越擦越老" file="016.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="肌肤排毒 气色红润不需化妆" file="039.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="拒绝护肤错觉享受迷人美肌" file="050.htm" tagname="1" />
<resource name="满足八种诉求 洁面无负担" file="055.htm" tagname="1" />
<!-- part1 end -->