Android Question how to remove markers only on gmaps

Leni Berry

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I do add markers to gmap by this code :

Dim DataItems As List
                        Dim Bitmap1 As Bitmap
                        Bitmap1.Initialize(File.DirAssets, "person.png")
                        DataItems = Map1.Get("data")
                        For i = 0 To DataItems.Size - 1
                            Mapdata = DataItems.Get(i)
                            Dim m As Marker = gmap.AddMarker3(Mapdata.Get("myloc_lat"), Mapdata.Get("myloc_lon"), Mapdata.Get("device"),Bitmap1)
                            m.Snippet = Mapdata.Get("device")

and i hv also polyline on it.

how to remove only markers not polyline because i wanna refresh new value lat.lon markers?
by calling "gmap.clear", i hv to redraw polyline again, and it cause flicker on polyline gmap.