Android Question How to Save a Signature Capture with only the points of the signature

Lyndon Bermoy

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Look at the SignPad Library in similar thread-list...
thanks sir :) but it is the same with having saved as an image. I wanted to store the signature in the database as a points, and will restore with the assigned points in the stored signature. How to do this sir?


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it would be best to just base64 encode the image and store the encoded string in your database you could then decode and display it later

'Add StringUtils Library
  Dim signatureCaptured() As Byte
  signatureCaptured = SignatureCapture.GetAsByteArray2(SD, 90, "PNG")
  Dim MyEncodedImage as String
  MyEncodedImage = su.EncodeBase64(signatureCaptured)  '' Reference String utils
  'Save  MyEncodedImage

'Add the following code to your signaturecapture class
Sub GetAsByteArray2(objSignatureData As SignatureData, quality As Int,  format As String ) As Byte()
   Dim out As OutputStream
   Return out.ToBytesArray()
End Sub