iOS Question How to stack controls in the designer and have them rearrange if a panel or control is made visible


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I'm new to B4i so maybe this is a simple question.
We have a page which is a large form with about 5 panels. Each panel has about 5 labels and 5 textbox or similar controls.

We can use the anchors to simply layout the form as we wish, however, we want to introduce some hidden rows (label + textbox) in the panels that are hidden by default but shown in certain situations. An example would be we have a label called "DATE: " with a label beside it ... when we touch the date label we want to reveal a DatePicker below it for the use to select the date from. Revealing the date picker should move all the controls below it to make space, and make the panel its on bigger, and move the panels below to allow for the extra space.

I know we could achieve this in code by calculating the heights of all the controls and updating the top and height of all controls, but is there any nice way to do this where the designer or other could manage this flow of controls ?