Java Question How to work with DialogFragments?


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i have done a wrapper for a calendar date picker and time picker. Both are extending DialogFragments.
I get not rid out of it on how to use (call the dialog-fragment) this in the library.

Is there any example library (incl java source) which is using a FragmentManager? It seems that i need to implement this...

Any hints on where i should search. Or even better any links to source to have a look at. ;)

Who wrote the Dialog library? @Erel ?

PS: This is how it will look like when i get this running. The Calendar will be scrollable (up/down)
DialogFragmentCalendar001.png DialogFragmentTime001.png DialogFragmentTime002.png
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Thank you erel.
i think the source of will be needed here. Is the complete source available somewhere?
The code you posted just "use" the MapFragment but it does not show how the Fragment is implemented.

But i will try to get inspired by this. Someone in my brain is saying "Have a deeper look at it; it may be the right step to the solution" ;)