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I have read numerous posts regarding this but I have yet to find an answer that works so I am posting it again...perhaps in a different way. I am trying to include a User Guide with my app. I have a webview that is supposed to display my .html file. The problem is that the images don't appear (just a question mark where they should be). I have even tried a simple HTML page with an image link, hoping I can make something work and then build up from there. The following example code displays all but the image. I have the image stored/as well as the .html file in the assets folder. How do I place the path in the <img src> tag to make this work? Does it have to be in a folder other than assets? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


<h1>User Guide</h1>


<P><IMG SRC='file:///android_asset/main.png'/>


Why doesn't this code work? Tried it with quotes ("") instead of apostrophe (') but still nothing. Thanks again!