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Hi all,

I'm happy to release the first version of I.C.E. Lock: a simple, free app that lets you show your emergency info on your phone's existing lockscreen.

It's like a Medic Alert bracelet for your phone - emergency responders can see the emergency info they need, even if you're unconscious, and even if your phone is locked. But they don't have full access to your phone, because you've locked it like you normally do.

In terms of B4A, this app includes:
- a view pager for the edit screens
- using FontAwesome for button text + icon
- MaskedEditText fields for data entry/validation
- ongoing notifications
- auto-sizing page elements to their text
- using tips to explain how the app works.

I'm grateful to the following people for providing the tools I needed:
- B4A (thanks @Erel!)
- NotificationBuilder by @barx
- MaskedEditText by @Informatix
- FontAwesome by @NJDude
- StdActionBarHelper and AHViewPager by @corwin42
- Android Asset Studio


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