iOS Question I can't get the bridge app to work but my iPhone and MAC are talking to each other.


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Yes, the B4I certificate is installed.

I'm using an enterprise account. What I've done so far:

1. Created a wildcard provisioning profile XXXX.YYYYYY.*
2. Downloaded and put that provisioning profile in the same folder as the B4i source code.
3. Set the package name as XXXX.YYYYYY.test
4. Manually set the server IP and confirmed that my MAC and iPhone can communicate.
5. Set the server port to 51041.
6. Attempted to build the bridge but I get a connect failed every time.

Is there any way to use the lightning cable as I do with Xcode?


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You must put the provisioning profile in your "key folder"

All keys must be there.



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I tried that. I checked the folder contents with the YouTube video and I have the same amount with the same extensions.


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When I try to connect with the bridge, I get this output in terminal:

2014-11-16 10:49:54.538:WARN:eek:ejh.HttpParser:qtp2046562095-25: badMessage: 400 Illegal character for HttpChannelOverHttp@7c34e885{r=0,a=IDLE,uri=-}

2014-11-16 10:49:54.544:WARN:eek:ejh.HttpParser:qtp2046562095-25: badMessage: 400 Illegal character for HttpChannelOverHttp@39367967{r=0,a=IDLE,uri=-}

2014-11-16 10:50:26.865:WARN:eek:ejh.HttpParser:qtp2046562095-26: badMessage: 400 Illegal character for HttpChannelOverHttp@618ad02d{r=0,a=IDLE,uri=-}

2014-11-16 10:50:26.869:WARN:eek:ejh.HttpParser:qtp2046562095-25: badMessage: 400 Illegal character for HttpChannelOverHttp@2bf7969f{r=0,a=IDLE,uri=-}
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