B4J Question I would like to be able to supply Parameters for app when running from IDE


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We can pass parameters for a B4J app when the app starts up from a command window. We can access these parameters from the AppStart(args() as String) subroutine. This is great when we have to initialize some of the variables. But we can't pass parameters to the app when running it from the IDE, which is a bummer. If our application relies on parameters, we have to constantly run it from a command window. :oops:

The Delphi IDE has a Run>Parameters field where we can enter the mock parameters for testing purposes. This allows us to pass some sample parameters to the application and still be able to debug it from the IDE if needed.

I'd like to see B4J's Build Configuration window have a Parameters field where we can enter our mock parameters when testing from the IDE. (Unless you can think of a better place to put it.)

Note: When we run the app from the command window, it of course uses the parameters from the command window. The mock parameters we enter in the Build Configuration is only used when running the app from the IDE.


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Have you checked out #CommandLineArgs?
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