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Alberto SN

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Im trying apply iBLE library for detect 2 beacons.

This example is based on post.

When start to discover beacons, only detect one. The name of beacon not appear, it show the next info:

Found: , 46298B2E-D7AD-41A7-0665-12576D13BF9D, RSSI= -102, (read only map) {kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 1; kCBAdvDataManufacturerData = <75004204 01011e78 bdbcd61c b97abdbc 6abff901 00000000 0000>;}

Disconnect all and connect one no more, and it show same info. Name is not showed

When I disconnect this and connect other, show same info, do not change nothing.

Only changes RSSI value.

Please, anybody can help me?

Thank you so much.

Alberto SN

Licensed User
Hi Erel,

I'll tried beaconparser class and all possible funcionality for a solution for my problem.

For example, in b4a, I've class "BluetoothAdmin" for discover and use devices bluetooth. Its not necessary type of devices. It detect all devices connected.

In b4i not detect any, but sometimes return a devices without id and name. The "kCBAdvDataManufacturerData" data is always the same.


This is the list of devices connected with setting->bluetooth from my iphone:


I need to detect to "FireFly-7FAD", its neccesary for my app.

And next image is an example using beaconparser:


when it detects a device, show this message (its a msgbox inserted for show information of devices discover):


This information is always same, and beaconparser cannot parse nothing because name is null (msgbox show: "Found: " & AdvertisingData & ", " & Id & ", RSSI = " & RSSI & ", " & Name). The code is same of this post

Please I need a solution simply for detect bluetooth devices.

Thanks so much.
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