B4i Library iCropView - The Best option for Crop Images (Square, Circular, Retangular)

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    iCropView - The Best option for Crop Images (Square, Circular, Retangular)

    Installation instructions:

    - Copy the *.a and *.h files into the folder "Libs" in your MAC or in your MAC HOSTED by AnywhereSoftware, normally in "B4i-MacServer\Libs" folder

    -Copy the iCropView.xml to your custom libraries folder in B4i

    - Select in your REFERENCED LIBRARIES


    Alberto Iglesias (alberto@visualnet.inf.br)
    Version: 1.02
    • iCropView
      • onInitialized (EventName As String)
      • onDone (ImageCropped As Bitmap)
      • onCancel ( )
      • Initialize: (EventName As String)
        Initializes the object.
      • Start: (Parent As Page, pImage As Bitmap)
        Start Cropping
      • DebugMode As Boolean
        Enable/Disable Debug mode from Library
      • Author As String [read only]
        Author of this Library
      • LicenseEmail As String
        License Email
      • LicenseKey As String
        License Key
      • Version As String [read only]
        Library Version
      • Title As String
        Title of Cropping
      • ButtonDone As String
        Title of Done Button
      • ButtonCancel As String
        Title of Done Cancel
      • IsCircular As Boolean
        Cropp with Circular Shape
      • IsSquare As Boolean
        Crop with Square Shape
      • HideAspectButton As Boolean
        Hide Aspect Ratio Button
      • LockAspectRatio As Boolean
        Lock Aspect Ratio
      • RatioH As int
        Aspect Ratio Horizontal
      • RatioV As int
        Aspect Ratio Vertical
      • ToolbarOnTop As Boolean
        Toolbar on Top


    Download Library

    You can get your license key in our library store:



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