Wish IDE Color scheme editor/swapper

Bill K.

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Thanks again for a great product...!

However, I've been manually editing the B4A.xml file now to get my colors "just right", and seems every day, I need to tweak something...

Tweak the file, save, reload IDE. Rinse, repeat...

Then... Make sure you back up your "good" B4A.xml file(s), or it will get overwritten by next update.

1. Are there any plans to include a better way to edit the B4A.xml file in the future?

WHY? you might ask?... I use the IDE during several different ambient lighting conditions, from a bright room, to coding at night. I have minimum 2 color schemes that I use (but have about 5 B4A.xml files), and changing between them is getting tedious.

ALSO - I'm afraid something ELSE will be changed/updated in the B4A file after major updates (which will most certainly lead to problems), and the IDE will get messed up, as I'm simply manually swapping one file out for a previously edited version).

2. Wouldn't it make sense to put the custom IDE colors scheme in it's own file?? (for forward compatibility) (cutting and pasting entire text files, and/or bits of text from old file to new file is tedious, and asking for trouble, in the long run, no?).

3. A quick way to switch between colour schemes? (As a bare minimum, would it be that difficult to add any valid .XML files to a drop down menu in the Tools menu, and allow the user to select one?)

4. BUG - I've learned through experimentation that if you mess up the <styles> portion of the file (i.e. miss a Style Key), the IDE will simply not load. No error message, no default colors used. It simply will not load.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear some good news, as I'm quite sure I'm not the only one looking for this feature.



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