Wish IDE > File > should have an "Advanced File List" to make finding files easier.


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This wish applies to all versions of the B4X IDE. (B4A,B4i,B4J)

From the IDE when I select "File" it displays a drop down menu with around a dozen B4X apps that I have recently accessed.
The problem with this is it is missing the date stamp of when the app was last updated. I find it hard to find the most recent version of the app. The full directory name is also obscured and I have to hover the mouse over a variety of file names to find the one I'm looking for. This becomes tedious after a while. Often I load the wrong app and have to start searching again.

Solution: I'd like to see another "File" menu option that says "Advanced File List" that opens up a grid of recently used files and favorite files. The grid would display columns for Favorite, Directory, App Name and Date Last Modified. A B4XTable might be good for displaying this data.

The Favorite column would be a user selectable icon that the user could specify to flag that application as a favorite. A different icon could help organize apps into groups. For example one project might have 5 different apps and they could all have an icon like 🎯 to represent a game that is being developed. Other apps could use an icon like 🎬 that are related to his video editing app and 🛍 for his shopping app. This will help the user easily find related apps. You can use FontAwesome or Material Icons if you like.

The 2nd column would be the directory the app is in. Clicking on the column title would sort the files by the directory so all the apps in nearby directories would appear together. This will be of immense help in sifting through the files.

The 3rd column would be the app name. Sorting on this column will help us find all versions of the app that we recently used and the date column will tell use which one is most recent.

The 4th column is the date the app was last modified. We can sort this column and instantly discover what apps we've been working on and what directories they are in.

Well, there you have it. I think this popup grid would help us find and maintain our apps a whole lot easier. :)