IDE-shortcut questions


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I am still using B4A 1.7 (because of the possibility to include the debug informationen without debugger), so I haven't worked with version 1.8 yet.
But now I found some time to take a closer look at a parallel installation of version 1.8.

After loading a longer source I pressed Ctrl+Shift+E and nothing happens. :(
After that I pressed Ctrl-E and the new "Find sub" Dialog appeared. :confused:

Looking at the menu entries I can see a new shortcut for the new outlining feature "toggle all", but both old shortcuts for expanding/collapsing all are gone. And even an old shortcut is now used for a very different action.

Because of this I'd like to ask some questions:

1. Why are there no more shortcuts for expanding/collapsing all?
2. Why was an established shortcut changed into a totally different action?
3. Why "Find sub" didn't get e.g. the unused shortcut Ctrl+O - according to outlining shortcut in the Eclipse-IDE?
4. Will it be possible to change/define our own shortcuts in a future version of the IDE? As I already mentioned in a very old post I'm always struggeling about the shortcut Ctrl-Y, which normally is the redo-shortcut in many, many editors. Only in Basic4Android (and Basic4ppc of course) this key combination cuts a line. So it would be nice if we could freely define them.